Entry DateNameSubjectSupport Status
July 13, 2021Daniel RojasPlatform CompetitionOpen
May 18, 2021Judy YarbroChampionship ResultsOpen
May 16, 2021peg huffmanchampionship roundOpen
May 12, 2021Alan PogueCoaches Meeting-Zoom CapacityOpen
May 12, 2021Peter StragandTeam Photo, Roster, Contact InfoOpen
May 11, 2021stephen tinklercontact re upcoming competitionOpen
May 6, 2021Katie Wilcoxpayment confirmationOpen
May 5, 2021David SuzukiZoom Naming Format - Coaches' NamesOpen
April 29, 2021Tricia PierreViewing of Oral ArgumentsOpen
April 28, 2021Craig ThompsonA few non-trial issuesOpen
April 26, 2021Peter StragandPin ExchangeOpen
April 21, 2021Judy SpencerTeam RosterOpen
April 19, 2021Tammy CombsPin exchange - TN participatingOpen
April 19, 2021Timothy McPartlinRegistrationOpen
April 16, 2021Margaret (Peg) FoxJudge RegistrationOpen
April 11, 2021Brynn MorseAlaska TeamOpen
April 6, 2021Lori NovellChange email address on siteOpen
April 6, 2021Lori NovellAddress to mail Pins/Last Name ChangeOpen
April 6, 2021Hailey BrewerPin TradingOpen
April 2, 2021Kristen LeedsQuestion about timekeeperOpen
April 2, 2021Judy SpencerRules of CompetitionOpen
April 1, 2021Marguerite HermanregistrationOpen
April 1, 2021Jennifer FreemanItems for the Pin ExchangeOpen
March 30, 2021Jennifer FreemanSeattle Preparatory SchoolOpen
March 30, 2021Laura Del Savio"Pins"Open
Entry DateNameSubjectSupport Status